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Please help our college in its accreditation efforts. Due to ongoing economic hardship and fiscal mismanagement, Cow Eye Community College needs help paying for its upcoming Accreditation Week activities. Your timely donation will cover the cost of the all-important Christmas Masquerade and Wintertime Extravaganza for Intra-faculty Unity and Student Success to be held on March 20. Thank you for your support!

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"Our future, Charlie, is as bright as that neon bulb illuminating this dim cafeteria. And like that bulb our future will be lived in a world of dull efficiency. In the future efficacy will be the currency of life. It will take the place of our humanity. For there will come a day when we will move faster and grow taller and live longer and know more - and without much reflection we will come to consider these things accomplishments. We will be able to conquer faraway concepts without ever understanding the inner turbulences of our own hearts. We will scale mountains that have never been reached and make technologies that have never been imagined. We will come to worship our innovations as gods. And innovation will become our god. And efficiency will be our creed. Progress will be our prayer. But the words of our prayers will no longer have sound. Our humanity will be traded for the spoils of novelty. And our souls will be sacrificed upon the altar of continuous improvement. In the future, Charlie, we will all be regionally accredited..."

- Prof. Will Smithcoate

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web development by bryant smith