Cow Eye Student Film Festival

Cow Eye Community College's seventh-annual Student Film Festival was held during our recent Christmas Week festivities in mid-March, with this year's theme being Working Together Toward Institutional Improvement, Regional Accreditation, and Student Success. For the first time ever, the event was rescheduled to take place during the visit of our accrediting team, who were able to witness with their own eyes the tremendous talent that suffuses our campus. The event was sponsored by the CECC Student Government Coalition and the Accreditation Co-ordinating Committee with support from the Dimwiddle Family Foundation. Congratulations to the Digital Media Arts students on their seventh consecutive triumph (in seven years!) for their entry, "If It Don't Fit (Don't Force It)". And congratulations to all the other inspiring entries as well!



Project Title: If It Don't Fit (Don't Force It)
Department: Digital Media Arts
Advisor: Lawrence
Jury comments: "Outstanding effort as usual. We wouldn't expect anything less from your department!"


Project Title: A Tribute to Our Shared History Of Continuous Improvement
Department: Nursing
Advisor: Greenbaum
Jury comments: "Very nice execution. Great lighting. Sound could be better. In sum, you've done your future profession proud!"


Project Title: Dance of the Regional Accreditors
Department: Animal Science Department
Advisor: Stokes
Jury comments: "Commendable project for a first-time entrant. Gorgeous visuals. We look forward to seeing your entry in next year's competition!"


Project Title: You Never Miss the Water ('Til the Well Runs Dry)
Department: Communications
Advisor: Long River
Jury comments: "Let it go, Alan. Let it go."


Project Title: CECC Students Read Ulysses
Department: Future Educational Administrators of America (Student Club)
Advisor: Pearson
Jury comments: "Mr. Pearson was told repeatedly that the competition is for academic departments only, not clubs. Unfortunately for the students under his advisement, these guidelines apparently did not sink in."

"The realms over which man has been able to exert his influence range from the essential to the arbitrary; seemingly there is no process of nature that has whithstood the interventions of human whim. Convenience being the aim, the ambitious mind of man has smoothed away the vicissitudes of life and made living more inevitable. He has domesticated the compliant bovine and propagated arugula in planter beds. Water that used to be gathered at great distances now flows through elaborate infrastructure to within a few feet of his thirst, as if it were the water itself that were the goal rather than the faithful act of its acquisition."
- From Cow Country, Chapter 8: Day

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