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When a down-on-his-luck educational administrator arrives into the makeshift bus shelter of Cow Eye Junction, he finds a drought-stricken town and its community college on the precipice of institutional ruin. Struggling to navigate this strange world of bloated calf scrota, orgiastic math instruction, and onrushing regional accreditors, Charlie must devise a plan to lead Cow Eye Community College through the perils of continuous improvement to the triumphant culmination of world history.

Iconoclastic, wry, and ambitiously constructed, Cow Country is Adrian Jones Pearson's most American work yet, deftly blending the lunacies of contemporary academia with the tragic consequences of New World nation-building. A must-read for anyone who has ever worked at an institution of higher education, or attempted to straddle partisan lines, this insightful novel offers a poetic requiem for the loss of our humanity - and our humanities.

When surveying the unvanquished prairieland of contemporary American literature, please consider the following reasons to acquire Cow Country for your academic library:

    1. Cow Eye Press has identified community college faculty and staff as its primary initial audience, and a marketing campaign is being directed toward these readers. Faculty and staff may be approaching you directly with requests to purchase the book for your collection.

    2. Some teaching faculty have already expressed interest in using Cow Country in their classes. Course adoptions are an important goal of our marketing efforts.

    3. Cow Country is the rare epic novel set at a community college. Not only are many of the "adventures" grounded in the craziness of academia, but there's a good chance that you will recognize features of your own campus in the novel.

    4. While Cow Country is ostensibly about academia, in truth it presents profound insights on the timeless themes of misplaced love, cultural conflict, changing history, and the role of innovation in the rise and fall of human societies. With these themes it is likely that the stature of the work will only increase with time.

For more information about Cow Country, you can also download the Fact Sheet for Libraries, which provides additional details about the book.

Libraries may order Cow Country through Ingram Book Company. Pricing for the Hardcover edition is $34.95 plus shipping; pricing for the Trade paperback is $19.95 plus shipping. Discount for libraries on all orders through Ingram is 25%. Libraries may also choose to purchase the book directly from the publisher at a 40% discount off the retail price. Please contact Cow Eye Press at editors@coweyepress for more information.

"To be a successful focus group leader you need to treat your session as an opportunity to peer into the very soul of humanity. Each human being has personal and intellectual longings that reside very deep within the confines of a conflicted temperament. It is up to the great facilitator to understand this and to harness it - to tap into that reserve of unarticulated humanity and to draw it out like prunes from a package so as to give it expression."

- from Cow Country, Chapter 9: The Focus Group

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