Cow Country in Hardcover

Cow Country is the epic account of one man's frantic pursuit of love and regional accreditation at a community college with issues. Set at a rural campus in the throes of demographic and existential crisis, this lyrical work stakes a formidable claim to being The World's First Community College Epic.

Cow Eye Press is proud to release its special Hardcover Edition of this unique novel on April 15, 2015. Enjoy!

When a down-on-his-luck educational administrator arrives into the makeshift bus shelter of Cow Eye Junction, he finds a drought-stricken town and its community college on the precipice of institutional ruin. Struggling to navigate this strange world of bloated calf scrota, orgiastic math instruction, and onrushing regional accreditors, Charlie must devise a plan to lead Cow Eye Community College through the perils of continuous improvement to the triumphant culmination of world history.

Iconoclastic, wry, and ambitiously constructed, Cow Country is Adrian Jones Pearson's most American work yet, deftly blending the lunacies of contemporary academia with the tragic consequences of New World nation-building. A must-read for anyone who has ever worked at an institution of higher education, or attempted to straddle partisan lines, this insightful novel offers a poetic requiem for the loss of our humanity - and our humanities.

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"The future, you see, is but the past in disguise. It is a promise rather than its premise. It is the beautiful plan versus the ugliness of its implementation. Perfection as opposed to reality. The idea transcending its compromise. It is the whisper. The dream. The unfulfilled desire. It is the cafeteria at the end of the long esplanade. The delta where all rivers merge. The eternal premonition of ecstasy rather than the fleeting orgasm itself. The future, Charlie, is our history."

- from Cow Country, Chapter 10: The Plan

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