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If you are a college faculty member or instructor and would like to request that your library purchase Cow Country for its collection, you can do this easily:

  1. Click the Mail icon to the left. (Icon may not appear in some browsers.)
  2. Enter your name, the email address of your college librarian, and a note to them explaining that you would like to request Cow Country for your college's collection.
  3. Your note will be sent as an email with a link to this page.

(If you don't know the email address of your librarian, send the email to us at editors@coweyepress.com. Indicate your name, college, and position - and we will follow up with your librarian on your behalf.)

If you are a librarian who has received a request to purchase Cow Country for your college library, you can learn more about the book and why it might be right for your collection at our Info for Libraries page.

"To be a successful focus group leader you need to treat your session as an opportunity to peer into the very soul of humanity. Each human being has personal and intellectual longings that reside very deep within the confines of a conflicted temperament. It is up to the great facilitator to understand this and to harness it - to tap into that reserve of unarticulated humanity and to draw it out like prunes from a package so as to give it expression."

- from Cow Country, Chapter 9: The Focus Group

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